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  • Jordan Carrier

Toners and Glosses and Glazes, oh my!

About 9 times out of 10, my guests ask me what "toner" means, exactly. It's a valid question and sometimes seems like an extra, unnecessary step to a person who isn't sure what is being done. Some may think their money is being wasted which couldn't be less true! Toning/Glossing/Glazing is a crucial step for every lightening session and even beneficial on its' own. Here's why:

It helps you achieve your desired end result. Not a fan of canary yellow, jack-o-lantern orange, or cherry red? Say hello to your new best friend Toner. Toning does just what it says; It shifts the tone of the hair.

It adds shine and reflection to the hair. Can we even argue with that?

It lowers the pH of the hair. This is crucial because the pH is raised significantly outside of the hair's "comfort zone" during most color services. Lowering the pH aids in preserving the life of the color as well as making the hair shinier and more manageable.

It can brighten a dull color in a short amount of time. Blonde looking blah? Copper looking rusty and flat? Let me spell it out; G-L-O-S-S.

So, is the extra time and $$$ worth it? YES. So much yes. Let your stylist craft that crown from start to finish!