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  • Jordan Carrier

"Nobody ever gets my hair right!"

Girl, I hear you!

It is really difficult to find a service provider in any category to not only deliver the results you want, but also give you the right vibes during the process. The hardest part of the entire process comes down to one thing: Communication.

Now, communication goes both ways. Although it is the responsibility of the service provider to ask the right questions and lead the conversation in the right direction, we rely on you to give us the answers we need to make magic happen. Without all the info, we are left trying to fill the gaps ourselves which is what creates disconnect between your expectations and our delivery.

Some things to consider before your next appointment:

- Do you have photos to show? If so, please keep in mind that it is inspiration and that the likelihood of true duplication is quite low. Original art is worth way more than a print, anyway!

- Do you have a budget? Tell your stylists right off the bat if this is the case. Make sure you have looked over any pricing spreadsheets that are available prior to making your appointment but if you are worried about price, it is crucial to discuss during the consultation. It's also important to be aware that if you are uncomfortable with the price given, it's ok! There are many tiers based on skill, experience, education, etc. and you may need to either re-evaluate your budget, adjust expectations, OR simply search for a stylist that is in your tier based on how much you desire to spend.

- Do you have any time restraints? Not all service times are created equal! "Color" isn't an umbrella term for "two hours at the salon". A quick root retouch may take one stylist an hour from start to finish and it may take another stylist two hours whereas mega transformations could take anywhere from 2-10 hours (yes, you read that right! #dead) depending on a number of variables. If you have a specific amount of time, be up front with your stylist and be prepared again to adjust your expectations to match that amount of time available. Masterpieces can't be rushed!

- Do you have a backup plan? It's not always necessary to have a back-up, but what is necessary is the ability to take professional opinion and advice and allow the focus to shift slightly based on their recommendations. Every now and then the answer is simply that the goal isn't achievable (or at least not in one single session) and that's ok. Your service provider is there to make you happy and they will do their best to guide you in a direction that you feel comfortable with when a roadblock is hit.

- Does the stylist you selected do work that you love? This is a big one, guys! Not all artists have the same style, not all musicians work within the same genre, not all stylists specialize in the same techniques! A jack of all trades is the master of none, so it is ideal that you allow your own research to lead you to a pro who consistently wow's you.

- Do you know your hair history? Sometimes it helps to write this down beforehand. Most great stylists would be thrilled to be handed a detailed list of any chemical/color services performed (professionally or otherwise) within the last two years! It helps tremendously in determining the predictability of the results.

- Do you know what the MAIN goal is? If you had to select only one thing that is most important to you about the results of your appointment, what would it be? This will help us hone in on the most crucial objective.

- Are you in the right mindset? I know it can be overwhelming especially if you are going to a new salon, but mindset is EVERYTHING! Human emotions tend to seep out whether we want them to or not. Grab a coffee or tea before you come in and take a moment in the parking lot to take a couple calming breaths and vow to spend your entire appointment time in a place of peace and self-care.

Wishing you a happy holiday and many great hair days,

Jordan Carrier